About Runergy

Runergy is one such innovator and has become one of the leading PV cell manufacturers in the world since its establishment in 2013. We are ranked 3rd for global PV cell sales by PVInfoLink from 2020 to 2022 with a current high-efficiency cell capacity of 25GW.

As a research-driven, PV manufacturing enterprise, Runergy is paving the way for the next era in solar technology – the mass production of premium N-type cells. We expect to manufacture these cells with a capacity of 20GW by 2023. With our N-type advancements, cutting-edge silicon oxynitride technology, and growing capacity, we can meet the global demand for photovoltaic products. Through our efforts, Runergy is setting itself up to lead in the future of solar manufacturing.

Additionally, Runergy found an ever-increasing, unmet demand for higher power modules. As such, Runergy entered into the photovoltaic module manufacturing in 2022. Our production bases in China and Thailand have a current high-efficient module capacity of 5GW, and the total production capacity is expected to reach 19GW in 2023. Our module manufacturing facility uses fully automatic production techniques and equipment, which fully matches the next generation of ultra-high power N-type technology. At the same time, based on large size silicon wafers, using innovative non-destructive cutting technology and high density packaging technology, we can provide customers with flexible product solutions according to different application scenarios. By combining with Runergy’s leading position in cell manufacturing, we can build our high-quality PV modules.

For Runergy to fulfill this ambitious goal and usher in the next era of N-type technology, it’s imperative that we control the supply of raw materials, like polysilicon. Runergy has a 50,000-ton high-purity polysilicon production capacity at our Ningxia base, which is expected to expand to 130,000 tons by early 2024. The security of our supply chain enables us to better serve our global customers.

By establishing an end-to-end manufacturing process, Runergy offers a more transparent and streamlined supply chain with a consistent, premium product. This strategy ultimately allows us to protect against volatile market conditions and establish a reliable brand that our customers can trust.

Runergy, serving the world, making the future full of possibilities.

From polysilicon to module

Automation and Intelligence

N-type High Efficiency

Smart manufacturing

We have an end-to-end intelligent manufacturing process, combined with mature field management technology, to ensure the supply of high-quality photovoltaic products for global customers.

Manufacturing Strength

Quality Control

Intelligent control

High Compatibility



High Quality


Jiangsu Runergy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. established in China
Phase I of the Runergy Yueda Plant put into operation
Phase II of the Runergy Yueda Plant put into operation
Phase I of the Runergy Thailand Plant put into operation
Phase I of the Runergy Jianhu Plant put into operation
Phase I and II of the Runergy Century Plant put into operation
Phase III of the Runergy Thailand Plant put into operation
Ningxia polysilicon plant put into operation
Yancheng Hyperion module plant put into operation


SAFE Integrated Supply Chain

We have a sound supply chain and strong cell R & D and manufacturing capacity, which can provide customers with safe and stable photovoltaic products.

We have a production capacity of 50,000 tons of polysilicon in Ningxia to ensure the security of supply
We have more than 30GW of high efficiency cell capacity worldwide. And we rank 3rd for global PV cell sales.
In 2023, we will have 9GW module capacity in Thailand to provide high-power TOPCON modules to global customers.

Our beliefs


Science and technology change the world,
photovoltaic protects the earth.


Runergy takes quality as the cornerstone of development, and we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality photovoltaic products.